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Hundredgivers is a nonprofit working to accelerate sustainability initiatives that benefit the community while conserving earth’s precious resources.

Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals, organizations, and businesses to take good care of each other and the planet. We promote community awareness about sustainability and climate change solutions, and seek funding opportunities to launch initiatives and expand pilots.

We focus on regenerative agriculture, resource conservation, clean energy, climate change solutions, social equity, community health and sustainability.

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Crusade for Healthy Soil is Building Momentum On the Ground

Farmers, ranchers, ecologists and community champions are spreading ... More


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“Kathryn took on an assignment with a tight deadline that required technical understanding of various climate change impacts, as well as the ability to communicate the issues and solutions clearly and concisely, and she delivered to our high expectations. Her technical, research and writing skills are well-honed and professional, and she demonstrated the ability to work quickly and accurately. Kathryn’s work has contributed to the positive response to our project due to the usefulness of the resources and information that she researched and compiled. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Kathryn again.”

"Kathryn has a grand vision for change, which shows up in her ability to recognize opportunity. She not only can envision possibility, Kathryn backs up the action with action and quality. I am very proud to count her as a friend who is helping to facilitate significant change in our world."

Jeff Goebel, About Listening

"We think Hundredgivers provides a wonderful and sorely needed service. Not only does it speak truth to power, but it makes us aware of so many innovative inventions and projects going on around the world. It reminds us that in these politically dark times, there ARE ways to preserve the beauty of this planet, the brilliant functioning of its systems, that we each have the responsibility to do our part. It reminds us that we are, in no way, alone. We REALLY are all in this together! Thank you, Hundredgivers."

Barbara & Russell Ford

"Hundredgivers posts give me hope for people taking positive actions for our planet and each other."

Linda Olsson

Our Projects

Saving the Climate with Community Consensus

This initiative uses a process called community consensus to create learning and conflict resolution centers locally and globally to solve land, agricultural, and climate change issues.
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Fly for Life Organic Farm Education Center

This organization hopes to create an organic farm and educational center that can be used as a hub to host volunteers from around the world with skills and knowledge to train local farmers in sustainable agricultural methods.
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We are looking for partners, donors and volunteers to support the work of researching, identifying and launching sustainability initiatives that benefit local and global communities. Get involved ›

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