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Everything that lives on the earth is nourished and sustained by food. Without it, all this beautiful world in which we have come to be passes away. Because of their closeness with the natural world, native Hawaiian people have understood intuitively that this must be a reciprocal relationship. Otherwise we will no longer be able to live: for we will have destroyed the source of our own sustenance.

“Aloha ‘aina simply means to love and respect the land, make it yours and claim stewardship for it. Malama ‘aina means to care for and nurture the land so it can give back all we need to sustain life for ourselves and our future generations, and An ahupua’a is an ancient concept of resource use and management based on families living in a division of land that connects the mountains to the reefs and the sea.” – Puanani Rogers, Team Leader for the Ho’okipa NetworkAina

If we do not shift our heart’s relationship and responsibility to the natural world that gives us life, will agriculture save us? Will technology save us? Will we be able to legislate our continued survival? All these things may have potential for a life-giving, proper orientation, but only if they flow from the right place within ourselves.

“Aina: That Which Feeds Us” is a moving, powerful film. Come immerse yourself in the traditional Hawaiian perspective, which is that of being respectful stewards of the land in responsible relationship with all that lives. It just might transform your vision of what’s necessary for our future to be a good one.


Sam Bailey

Author: Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey is a web designer and freelance writer passionate about furthering the inclusive paradigm of Inter-spirituality to build bridges of understanding and co-create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world that works for all people. With a background in nutrition and the natural healing arts, Sam also enjoys contributing as a guest blogger at Hundredgivers, exploring issues of sustainability, social, racial and economic justice, as well how to live a healthy, beneficial life that is regenerative of the world we live in.

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