Austin Energy Customers Receive Value of Solar Credit

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Any residential customer with an on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) system (owned or leased) associated with the residential account and interconnected to the Austin Energy electric distribution system will be billed under the residential solar rate schedule. These customers receive a “Value of Solar” credit on their bill each month for every kilowatt-hour of solar energy produced by their system.

The solar customer will be billed for the total energy use of their home under the residential tiered rate structure, and then that bill will be reduced by the Value of Solar credit. If the solar credit is larger than the energy bill, the remaining credit rolls over to the next month as long as the account remains open. At the end of each calendar year, any solar credit will roll to the January bill. A solar credit is only applicable to the electric bill, and cannot be used to offset other City of Austin bills.
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