Changes to Hundredgivers blog: making the leap to self hosted

In case you’ve been wondering, there’s been a few changes to Hundredgivers blog.img_6336

This summer I had some help revamping the blog. I was hosting it with but running into limitations. To achieve a new vision – combining the blog with website and adding some new features –  Hundredgivers made the leap over to the self-hosted version,

In the process of migrating to and revamping the new blog, we  may have confused a few of Hundredgivers subscribers. Have you wondered where the blog has gone? You’ll now find us at

It turns out that is happy to port over followers to the self-hosted version but I don’t have access to your emails. I’d really like to keep in touch with everyone and combine old friends with new into one convenient email system (MailChimp) and just send one email notification with each new post (if you opt in). In order to do this I’d like to ask you a favor. Would you please subscribe with your email to Hundredgivers blog?

You’ll find the “subscribe” box here or on the right column of the blog…

Btw, the new blog and website is still in process with more pages to come but in the meantime if you get a moment, please let me know what you think of the new layout!

Thanks for keeping in touch!


Author: Kathryn Thomsen

Founder of Hundredgivers, a nonprofit supporting and accelerating sustainability initiatives benefiting local and global communities. Kathryn is a social entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, writer and urban farmer. She collaborates with individuals, organizations, and businesses to develop climate change solutions, clean energy, and sustainability strategies and programs.

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