Leonardo DiCaprio & Pope Francis: Before the Flood

In the works for three years, National Geographic just premiered their special about global warming featuring Leonardo DiCaprio called: Before the Flood. The documentary premiered Sunday night, Oct 30, 2016 and was beamed to 171 countries in 45 languages for free.  Millions more are continuing to see it online.

DiCaprio and Pope Francis shake hands in Before the Flood

Everyone should see this, even if you think you know everything about it. DiCaprio gathered insights from around the globe interviewing key leaders, scientists, researchers, believers and deniers – making the global warming story tangible and real.  If we are ever able to turn this thing around, Before the Flood will go down in history as having been a watershed moment.

The documentary was available on the National Geographic website or on YouTube for free until just a few days ago. If you missed it, unfortunately you’ll now have to rent it (or subscribe through your TV network) but it’s definitely worth watching.

National Geographic special, Before the Flood:

The fact that the documentary may be seen by tens of millions is hopeful, especially since there has been so much misinformation about global warming and climate change.  I am sure there are many young people, whose minds aren’t so resistant, who will be inspired to act because of this program.

A shout out surely has to go to Pope Francis, because he has done something no other Pope has ever done in history.  His words and actions carry enormous weight with the 1.2 billion Catholics on the planet.  This guy definitely has his heart in the right place, and what he has done will reverberate for a long time.  No wonder Leonardo wanted to meet him.

And to better understand just why Leonardo wanted to meet the Pope, here is one article from the NY Times on what the Pope did to warrant National Geographic’s and Leonardo’s wish to meet Pope Francis. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/19/world/europe/pope-francis-in-sweeping-encyclical-calls-for-swift-action-on-climate-change.html

Harrell Guy Graham

Author: Harrell Guy Graham

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