Community & Climate Consensus Institute

This initiative uses a process called community consensus to create learning and conflict resolution centers all over the world. Community consensus helps groups and organizations to solve conservation, land, and climate issues through workshops designed to facilitate respectful listening and adaptive learning. This simple yet brilliant program would build local capacity with those who can actually make a difference in capturing and storing carbon through better land management practices.

Goebelslide-conflict-30Using a proven consensus-building process to improve land management practices increases human’s ability to adopt new and adaptive methods by addressing fears, cultivating transformational change, and setting up the mechanism for creating action.

Funding this project would significantly and quickly enable communities to capture more carbon and reduce emissions into the atmosphere (through improved carbon storage, photosynthesis, and sequestration) while also resolving relevant local issues such as food and fiber production, fresh water retention, and enhancing species diversity among other benefits.

A recent blog post – Saving the Climate with Community Consensus – provides a little more background about how the consensus process works to solve sustainability issues. For information about how you can get involved, please send inquiries to Hundredgivers.