The Fly for Life Organic Farm Education Center will train local farmers about sustainable agricultural methods such as organic farming, resource conservation and soil health, pollution prevention, and self-sufficiency.

Fly for Life is nonprofit promoting sustainable tourism and organic farming in Togo, Africa. Directed by Jeremies Pimizi, the purpose of the organization is to improve the environment and livelihoods of farmers in Togo, Africa through sustainable agriculture. With the help of international volunteers, Fly For Life has started providing training to local farmers about sustainable agricultural methods. Last year this small organization worked with a farmer to successfully plant and harvest the community’s first organic pepper farm! Fly for Life is also partnering with a US-based organization called Fin Mango to provide training about budgeting and financial management to farmers.

Fly for Life Organic Farm Education Center will need to raise a minimum of $10,000 to launch the project and get it operational. This amount will enable the organization to purchase farmland, build a modest community building, purchase supplies, hire staff and recruit volunteers to start the farming and education program. The small community building will house staff and volunteers, and hold training workshops and community events. The farm’s headquarters will be used as a hub to host volunteers from around the world with skills and knowledge to help the farm become self-sustaining by creating a marketplace for selling organic food and coffee.

A recent blog post – Sustainable Tourism and Organic Farming in Togo, Africa – provides more information about Fly for Life’s organic farming and educational efforts.

To support this initiative, please donate here or contact Hundredgivers for more information.