Hundredgivers is working to build public awareness and accelerate adoption of initiatives that benefit environmental, social, and economic wellbeing of our communities locally and around the globe. We do this by supporting development or expansion of sustainability initiatives, seeking funding opportunities, and providing needed technical expertise for launch, evaluation, and implementation. This page highlights a few projects we are supporting. 

Community & Climate Consensus Institute Fly For Life Organic Farm & Educational Center


This initiative hopes to create learning and conflict resolution centers all over the world using a proven process called community consensus. Community consensus helps groups and organizations to solve conservation, land, and climate issues through workshops designed to facilitate respectful listening and adaptive learning. This brilliant program would build local capacity with those who can make a difference in capturing and storing carbon through better land management practices.

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Fly for Life promotes sustainable tourism through volunteer exchange programs. Their mission is to improve the environment and local economy of farmers in Togo, Africa. Fly for Life hopes to create an organic farm and educational center that can be used as a hub to host volunteers from around the world with skills and knowledge to train local farmers in sustainable agricultural methods. The farm will become self-sustaining by creating a marketplace for selling organic food and coffee.

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