This initiative employs research, analysis and writing to identify and report ideas, stories and solutions for sustainability, climate change and social wellbeing in local communities around the world.

The goal of Reporting Stories for Sustainable Communities and Climate Resilience is to build public awareness and spread hope about the many possibilities for activities and initiatives that can improve our communities and heal the planet. Some of these events are taking shape or happening on a small scale – such as the movement for self sufficiency to replace grass lawns with organic vegetable gardens, or building tiny off-grid homes for those who lack housing, or providing solar backpacks and lanterns for children to study in villages without electricity. There are many more ideas like these circulating that have not yet been actualized due to lack of time, resources and funding.

Over the past couple years, a few authors have volunteered their time to research, investigate, write and publish more than 50 thought-provoking essays on Hundredgivers blog. The essays have explored topics in community wellbeing, climate change, clean energy, sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, conservation, social justice, art and culture, and education. However, this work has moved forward slowly and sporadically in our free time.

Comprehensive research, analysis and thoughtful writing takes considerable time and effort. This project seeks funding to pay a small stipend for dedicated authors to produce consistent high-quality research, reporting and writing about the many sustainability initiatives that can and are taking place in communities around the world.

To support this initiative, please donate here or contact Hundredgivers for more information.