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Over the past couple years we’ve spent thousands of hours researching, writing, building awareness and supporting projects and initiatives that focus on integrating community wellbeing with environmental responsibility, stewardship, regeneration and sustainability.

We love the communities we are supporting, and hope to accelerate local and global good through sustainability initiatives. With your support we can continue to inspire others, create hope and build more awareness about the many opportunities for helping each other and the planet.

We focus on initiatives that benefit the common good in the areas of health and social wellbeing, resource conservation, regenerative and sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and climate change solutions.

Please support the continued work of our social entrepreneurs, researchers, writers, educators and ecologists who are helping communities, building awareness, and developing initiatives for positive change. With your support we can continue our work of expanding and accelerating sustainability in our communities.

We are looking for sponsors, partners, and donors to support our research, educational efforts, independent journalism, fund pilot initiatives, and expand projects that benefit communities locally and globally.

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